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11/16 - Did you know today is "National Fast Food Day"?

National Fast Food Day. Know what that means for you? An easy peasy dinnertime. Whether you prefer burgers or chicken, salad or tacos, fries or biscuits, sodas or coffee, fast food options have come to encompass nearly any American food your belly can crave.


  1. ​Beefy doughnuts Chinese Dunkin' Donuts offer pork or spicy beef floss doughnuts.​

  2. One tandoori taco, please​ Indian Taco Bells carry tikka masala burritos with grilled chicken, Mexican rice, onion, and tandoori mayo with cilantro.​

  3. Tea with beans​ Starbucks in some Asian countries offers a red bean green tea Frappuccino.

  4. Would you like pasta with your burger?​ Filipino McDonald’s offer a spaghetti and fried chicken combo.​

  5. Can it be ‘pizza’ without tomatoes or cheese? ​ The Birizza at Sri Lankan Pizza Huts include chicken or paneer rice topped with pizza dough and an onion salad on the side. ​

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