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Did you know? 11/30 is History of National Computer Security day?

How to observe National Computer Security Day

1.Create a strong password Lucky for you, we’ve got some tips. In computer security, length matters. Passwords that are 6 characters are easier to hack, especially if they're only made up of lowercase letters. To beef up your password, weave a 9-character combination of uppercase letters, symbols and numbers. Lastly, avoid using the same password for every account.

2.Update spyware and malware protection software First, check to see if your operating system is up-to-date. If that's set, update your protection software. Run a scan and don't forget to invite your other devices to the party. Phones and tablets are also major security risks, so be diligent.

3.Encrypt and backup your data Encrypt your data to create the brainiest of all brainteasers. But keep this in mind: even the best brain teaser can be cracked. That’s why it's still important to back up your info on either the cloud or an external hard drive. (Just make sure that everything stays encrypted.)

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